Toronto's Natalie Spooner Wins PWHL MVP and Forward of the Year

Awards and Recognitions

In a stellar season filled with personal achievements and team success, Toronto's Natalie Spooner has been named the Premier Hockey Federation's (PWHL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) as well as Forward of the Year. Spooner, who led the league in scoring with an impressive tally of 20 goals and seven assists, outshone other stellar performers like New York’s Alex Carpenter and Montreal’s Marie-Philip Poulin to claim the top honors.

Natalie Spooner: A Remarkable Comeback

What makes Spooner's feat even more remarkable is her journey leading up to this season. Spooner gave birth to her son at the end of 2022 and did not skate for six months leading up to the season. Despite these challenges, she returned with a breathtaking performance, propelling her team and showcasing her unparalleled skills on ice.

"I probably wouldn't have thought that it would have gone this way," Spooner admitted. "I think I was just super grateful to be playing again, to be back on the team. I was just really excited to get back out there with the girls, but I never thought that I'd be able to have, I guess, as big of an impact as I was able to have with the team."

Even a knee injury during the playoff semifinals couldn't hold her back, further highlighting her resilience and determination.

Leadership and Achievements in Toronto

Alongside Spooner's achievements, Toronto celebrated several other honors. Troy Ryan was named Coach of the Year, having led Toronto to a league-high 47 points during the regular season and a remarkable 11-game win streak. His leadership and strategy were pivotal in Toronto’s outstanding performance throughout the season.

Additionally, Kristen Campbell was recognized as the Goaltender of the Year. Campbell’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, achieving 16 wins and three shutouts, contributing significantly to Toronto’s success.

Top Honors Across the League

Recognition wasn't limited to Toronto. Montreal’s Erin Ambrose was named Defender of the Year after accumulating 18 points over 24 games, demonstrating solid defensive skills coupled with offensive contributions.

Minnesota’s Grace Zumwinkle earned the Rookie of the Year title, having recorded an impressive 19 points in 24 games. Her performance stands as a testament to her potential and bright future in the league.

Moreover, Maureen Murphy was honored with the Hockey For All Award for exceptional volunteer work, highlighting the importance of community and teamwork both on and off the ice.

All these awards and recognitions reflect the hard work, dedication, and exceptional talent present within the league. The winners were chosen by an 18-member selection committee, ensuring that each decision was well-thought-out and deserved.

The season has been extraordinary, not just in terms of individual accomplishments but also in showcasing the spirit of teamwork and the essence of relentless pursuit of excellence. The Premier Hockey Federation continues to grow, with stars like Natalie Spooner leading the way, inspiring fans and fellow players alike.